Files Forever
We are using an eCommerce service called Files Forever to bring you the conference videos. To download the videos click the button, you will go to the purchase page, put the videos you want in your cart, go to checkout and pay, you will then be sent a link to your own video to download.

For those who lack a fast internet connection we are offering collections of the video files on a Data DVD via the mail, if you are interested in the DVD please go to the DVD Order Page. The first DVD are the Plenary sessions and a Hi Res version of the Keynote address. DVD 2 contains 5 sessions plus session files that were distributed in the session. The DVD orders are processed by PayPal and you can pay by credit card or your PayPal account. Orders are usually shipped within a week.


Image Quality
We offer the videos of the conference sessions in High Resolution/High Quality Quicktime Video using the H264 codec at an image size of 640 x 480 pixels so the files sizes are large 500MB to 1GB. H264 is supported by Adobe Flash and to some extent by Windows Media Player but we are only supporting it through QuickTime. They can be played on your computer or Apple TV as well as other home media servers that support QT or H264. The reason I choose H264 is that it is the best image quality for file size, it is also part of the HD-DVD and BlueRay standards.

Download Page

At this years International VR Photography Conference cfish-Media videotaped most of the sessions at the conference in high quality DV. We ended up with about 14 sessions, 7 are currently available for download. Our goal is to make these sessions available to those interested in Panoramic Photography. In the process it became necessary to charge a fee for each session video to cover the production and distribution costs. We have tried to keep the costs down so more will be able view them. We will be adding additional sessions as they are finished so come back to see what's available. If you can't download them and would like the videos on DVD read below.

The Session Videos are available to IVRPA members for $8.00/Session or to non-members for $10.00/session. You can save a bit of money by joining IVRPA and becoming a part of our growing community of Panoramic Photographers.

DVD Order Page